Maranatha Ministries


Maranatha Ministries has a heart to take God’s power to the nations, and see many come into all that God has for them!

We have a vision to train and equip the body of Christ to carry out the ministry of Jesus….

We go into many churches and city wide groups of churches, to teach and release them to move in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

This takes the form of very practical hands on training & equipping in a workshop/clinic style.

 The following areas:-
-  Baptism, Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

-  Hearing God’s voice, dreams and visions, and prophecy.

-  Moving in God’s anointing…What is the anointing and releasing the anointing.

-  Healing the sick, deliverance & the working of miracles.                                                

-  The word of knowledge & stepping out in faith to heal the sick

-  Equipping and empowering in the area of Power Evangelism and Healing on the Streets

-  Initial & advanced training for healing rooms ministry

-  The angelic realm, and open Heavens

-  Living in God’s Presence

-  Father God’s love & how it can change your life                                                                       

-  Dreaming your Destiny into being….Dreams and Visions
-  Revival house meetings…the fire of God and presence of the Holy Spirit

-  Healing house groups….bring along your sick friends

-  And many, many more areas.

If you would like more information on Maranatha Ministries, or would like to arrange for Andrew to come to speak at your church or ministry, you can reach him on: 

Telephone:  +44-(0)7977 481 364   Email:

Maranatha Ministries
Registered Charity Number: 1109327